Our Mission: To provide you the highest quality personal training and exercise rehabilitation service using a professional and science-based approach. Motivate a healthier body through movement and lifelong learning.

Why We're Different: Finding personal connection and attention to detail with a health professional can be challenging. At Symmetrix you'll get personalized, results-driven service and care. Each staff member has a 4-year Kinesiology degree to ensure you get the highest quality service. You are unique and require a personalized and tailored approach. We start with an initial assessment to understand your body, goals and medical history. You get training to meet your speed and ability.

Our Studio: Find us in Yaletown, Downtown Vancouver. Drop by and feel comfortable and welcomed by our best-in-class trainers. While you're here you'll discover our full range of fitness equipment. Pick a trainers for your precise needs. One who can adjust and prescribe to your level so you can quickly reach your goals.

Symmetrix Exercise & Rehab

1226 Seymour Street, Vancouver, BC, V6B 6J3


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